Used by over 500 million people, WPS Office Free is one of the world’s most popular office suites for Windows. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office, WPS Office comes with Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets allowing you to open edit and create almost any document type. Highlights include: A complete office suite including Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets. The program doesn’t only


Secure Folder leverages the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private, encrypted space on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Secure Folder is essentially an improved version of My Knox and supports all conventional authentication mechanisms, including PINs, patterns, and biometric verification. Lock your Secure Folder with an additional PIN, pattern, password, or biometric lock,

When your team needs to kick off a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code, review a sales contract, finalize next year’s budget, measure an A/B test, plan your next office opening, and more, Slack has you covered. Slack is an online, social messaging platform that is designed for teams of all sizes, so


Get CeeVee for Android devices. Search and view profiles, anytime, anywhere. The CeeVee Android app is available in 7 languages! CeeVee is the app that helps you discover your worth on the job market and get you offers from Top Companies. Do you want to get a job in Europe? We’ll help you find it. We’re


CeeVee – get job offers Publisher’s Description CeeVee is the app that helps you discover your worth on the job market and get you offers from Top Companies. All you need to do is: 1. Create a profile & get discovered Tell us more about yourself. Add you experience, studies and skills you are good


CeeVee Publisher’s Description Manage your CV on CeeVee. Use the same credentials you use on Bestjobs and make sure you update your professional experience to increase your odds of getting invited by employers. Also, make sure you add your desired salary range. You can also manage the visibility of your CV on CeeVee. Regardless of