Drive your tractor, harvest crops & watch the haystack trailer grow!

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Version 1.8.0

Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva's restaurant game!

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Version 2.1.50
Pet Idle

Adopt pets, take care of them, teach them skills and create a comfortable home!

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Version 1.24
Funky Bay

Make a farm, build a town on a tropical island

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Version 38.6.659
Block Craft 3D

Build your 3D city for free

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Version 2.12.11
Heartbeat: My Choices, My Episode

Make Your Choices. Start Your New Episode.

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Version 1.8.6
Choices: Stories You Play

Fall in love or go on adventures in stories where you control what happens!

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Version 2.7.6
Chapters: Interactive Stories

Choose your story: best romance, drama, love and vampire stories

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Version 6.0.1
Secrets: Game of Choices

Interactive romance stories! LGBTQ novels!

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Version 2.0.3
Desires: Choose Your Story

Choose your own desires, choose your own love.

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Version 1.0.5
Playbook: Interactive Story Games

The best story games with real choices.

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Version 1.6.1
Moments: Choose Your Story

An interactive story game in which your choices can change everything.

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Version 1.1.5
Emergency Ambulance Simulator

Help the people and get them to the hospital

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Version 1.2
Dragons: Rise of Berk

Save, grow, and discipline your dragons

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Version 1.46.27
Happy Pet Story

Raise your personal virtual pet

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Version 2.2.02
Home Design Makeover

Design your dream home! ūüŹ†

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Version 3.3.4g
Design Home

Design rooms and decorate with real furniture.

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Version 1.60.014
Raft Survival

Survive, craft and build your raft and be wary of the shark in ocean.

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Version 9.9.2
Klondike Adventures

Travel to the time of Gold Rush with Klondike Adventures!

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Version 1.64

Discover an interactive stories

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Version 2.4.17

Build a prosperous fantasy city and explore a mysterious universe full of magic

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Version 1.113.2
Idle Farming Empire

Build and automate successful farming empire

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Version 1.41.3
Idle Tuber Empire

Get rich and world-famous in the greatest Idle Tuber Empire

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Version 1.0.40
Idle Crafting Empire

Pass your way through an epic adventure in the best idle clicker

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Version 1.3.16
Zero City Zombie

Build an underground shelter and become the last alive human!

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Version 1.15.1
Wild West New Frontier

Build the most excellent farm in the Wild West!

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Version 31.3
Onmyoji – Yokai Koya

A new adventure starring the Onmyoji protagonists

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Version 1.0.24
Heist Thief Robbery

A free app for Android, by Mighty Game Studio

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Version 6.9
Harvest Town

Enjoy a quiet life in the country

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Version 1.4.6
Car Simulator 2

Stylish Street Racers

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Version 1.30.3
Journeys Interactive Series

Live your own life in your way.

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Version 1.1.27
Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA is an amazing 3D driving game where you need to transport cool stuff such as vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, and many more… all over the United States. The main objective of the game is to deliver products, earn money and travel all over the US map. In the game you expect a large selection of

1000 Dowloads
Version 2.2.0
Lily`s Garden

Reestablish your auntie’s backyard before it gets snatched from your hands

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Version 1.77.0
Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Run a bus business and design routes around the world

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Version 1.3.8

Megapolis is a fun simulation game where you have possibility to build your own city from¬†a small plot of land. You can build¬†the metropolis of your dreams with Metropolis. The game is very addictive and you’ll never bore playing because Megapolis has great opportunities for example you can¬†build a perfect urban infrastru—Āture, expand the mining

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Version 5.50
Stone Family Age

Stone Family Age is an amazing simulation game where you will dive into simplicity and build a farm, cook food, build a house from scratch and many more simple activities. The story of the game is very simple, on a remote island, four people: Bruce, Eva and their kids, needs your help starting a new family home from

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Version 0.1.17
Episode Choose Your Story

An interactive story where you decide the characters’ destinies

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Version 13.50.1
Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey

The first truck driving simulator that contains the real Turkey map

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Version 1.61
Heavy Truck Simulator

Heavy Truck Simulator is a simulation game where you will drive a truck on different roads from Brazilia. Be the king of the Brazilian roads on¬†Heavy Truck Simulator. The game comes with interesting features: –¬†Amazing Brazilians locations – Large number of trucks from old ones to the newest ones – Excellent graphics –¬†Realistic Gameplay and

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Version 1.971

Why create a farm when you can create a city?

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Version 7.7.0

Restore the house and play minigames

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Version 3.6.2

Bring this garden to life and have fun with minigames

1000 Dowloads
Version 4.7.0