Rules are made to be broken. There is no limit, none at all! Let your inner spirit take the control, break free from the normal atmosphere and enter the ruthless and harsh territory of Asphalt eXtreme: Rally Racing!

Here is not about pure racing, everything that’s important here is your inner instinct. Your skills and the desire for speed are going to be tested. Never let the rules get in your way, drive mercilessly over them.

You’ll charge through canyons, drift around sand hills and dirt, pass your opponents, let them eat your dust. Reach the finish line and become the ultimate extreme racing driver! Can you emerge victorious in this monster machines race?

Let your anger, and madness emerge to the surface, choose your car from over 50+ monster machines. Drive a 4×4 Monster Truck and crush everything in your way, roll over everybody and show that you have an iron fist.

You are now the ultimate walking nightmare for your opponents. Feel the breeze and the trepidations from the muscle cars that wait for you, run wild on the track with the sand Buggy or make them feel the horror of knowing that you just got in a muscle SUV or a ruthless Truck.

Here’s the best part. The parts. ( get it ? ) Just assume, no limits to customization, hundreds of color and spray designs, mate chroma paint, tons on rims, spoilers and many more. You have to discover yourself, would be a shame to spoil the fun.

The style matters! There are no limits to driving style, that’s why there is no limit to monster cars types. You can choose from 7 vehicles, each having unique benefits and limitations and their own type of gameplay.

This makes the game a constant provocation, and because our team works tirelessly we ensure constant gameplay updates and events.

Just for you, the player we ensured and unleashed the most important and recognizable brands, which include: Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Predator, Mercedes-Benz and more offroad branded cars.

The Real-Time Multiplayer system ensures you get challenging 8 players, free-for-alls races. You’ll have to demonstrate your skills in tight and close competitions, so stay up to date as you climb the leaderboards and rise above everybody.

Race all around the earth, in severe environments and broken paths, show your abilities when charging the Alps or drifting through the Svalbard glaciers. Keep on striking because we always add new tracks.

The offroad experience is here, climb obstacles and gain experience, try the 5 game modes we prepared for you and win all the 300+ career events, get all the 1,100+ mastery challenges. Participate in the limited-time events and the daily missions, special projects and tons of new content that is on the way.

Did we get you fired? I bet we did. Come join the unique racing masterpiece we call Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing, this is the game for those who crush the rules and think that a speed limit is just a number they have to pass.

This is a game for the offroad passionates and the sharp skilled only.

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Android 4.1.x and up
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