BnB M is a game that will not let you get bored. Crazy Arcade crew invites you to a new adventure full of unexpected and new friends.

The application can be downloaded free of charge on all Android devices. The gameplay is easy, you have to collect all the items you meet in the way before your opponents.

Be very careful in the race because you can easily fall into traps. The maze is full of traps everywhere.

Free from the traps using items collected in your chest. You can choose your favorite character of the 5 nice: Danke, Uni, Bazzi, Dao, Kepha or Dizni.

Game modes are: Normal Match, which is the classic way, then survival, followed by Ranked Match here must give proof of skill and win as many matches, Hoard includes a buffet to be to eat, Custom Match, here you put your own rules and Treasure Island, explore the island in search of treasure.

The game has millions of fans, including children as no age restrictions and is recommended for all ages. The app presents a clean and clear interface with precise controls and cute animations, you’ll love it for sure.

Share the joy of the game together with friends and have fun with the application BnB M!

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Android 4.4 and up
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