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BTS WORLD is a game developed by Netmarble and is available for all Android phones and devices.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a ticket, which you can see BTS. Then you will have the position of manager and you will have to take care of this unknown band personally and will be doing it famous.

Help the Korean band to launch on the market and to show the world how talented they are. Talk to them, give them advice, encourage them, and not let them stray from their way in difficult times.

Be there for her and launch her music market, where it deserves to be. BTS WORLD offers fans the opportunity to stay with a band of seeing reality, and fiction can combine easily and can create beautiful things.

The game is adapted to touch screen phones so that you can access the application anywhere and anytime. With this application, pop music fans can form the BTS group.

It will not be an easy task to start with an unknown band, but with perseverance and dedication will be able to bring the hottest band in musical charts.

You will personally oversee performances, promotion, advertising, and whatever it takes to raise thousands of fans.

Social networking sites must inform fans about the band members, show them details behind the scenes and share with fans the past spicy about the guys in the band. Fans will be very interested.

Discover how to be a manager and help BTS band to become famous!

Download now BTS WORLD apk from Softwsp!!

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Android 5.0 and up
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