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Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game, viral among users of Android smartphones, which need to connect candy-colored to destroy them and advance in the game.

Due to a large number of players, the application has passed the 1000 levels, to enjoy the game. Candy Crush offers various game modes, including Jelly, Ingredients, or Candy Order are best known for guaranteed fun.

The lights and color stains give life to the game and captivate through innovation and professionalism. You can share the results on social networks such as Facebook to share the adventure with your friends.

Invite them and play together! All you have to do is to align at least three balls of the same kind, both vertically and horizontally and they will disappear. Thus you advance in the game.

You can mix and combine balls and candy as you want. The gameplay is simple, slide your finger on the screen and move elements as you can.

Controls are entirely owned by you, and very colorful graphics represent an essential asset of the application, is a decisive factor in choosing a quality game. Plan your moves by putting together three or more candy to get boosters that have a much higher power.

Learn to handle and more complicated levels, the chocolate gives you headaches. See daily application to rotating the wheel to win delicious prizes daily. Install app and come in Candy Crush Saga kingdom!

King also developed Candy Crush Soda (Candy Crush Soda Saga), Candy Crush Friends (Candy Crush Friends Saga), Candy Crush Jelly (Candy Crush Jelly Saga), and many more similar games.

On Candy Crush Saga levels like Candy Crush 130, Candy Crush 2111, Candy Crush 4026, Candy Crush 1327, Candy Crush 2284, Candy Crush 3028, Candy Crush 1202, Candy Crush Saga 1642, Candy Crush  1073, etc. are definitely hard to pass and requires time till you succeed to cross these levels.

Open the Candy Crush app and start to beat every level! Download Candy Crush Saga APK from softwsp and beat all the levels!

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Android 4.1, 4.1.1 and up
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