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Car Simulator 2 is a realistic driving simulator game where you need to race against real players and obtain the first place.

Play with your friends or other players around the world and earn money that you can spend on new cars, upgrades, garages, and a house. It has genuine driving physics that gives amazing gameplay experience.

The game brings 20 cars 🏎️ that you can go all over the city with your friends, upgrade your cars, enter and win insane races, explore a large and real city, and become the best!

On Car Simulator 2 you will find cars like R34, Clk Gtr, Mclaren p1 gtr, 2018 Acura Nsx, Acura Nsx, Nsx, Nissan Altima, is300, Liva, Sedan, 2019 subaru outback, Nissan sentra and other cool cars that definitely you’ll love to drive.

To drive one of the cars mentioned above and win a race you need to be a good diver and the game helps you bringing to you a good control system.

The game support multiplayer mode where you can race against other player. You can participate and compete in street races and perform arcade racing challenges to earn money. Race by your own rules!

Car Simulator 2 has coool features 😍 that definitely you’ll like. In this simulation driving game you have online and single-player modes, 3D open world, fully detailed car models, 360-degree car interiors, realistic physics and sounds effects, dynamic day-night cycle, etc..

Overall, Car Simulator 2 is an excellent driving car simulator where you can race alone or with other in order to get the first place and get the reward.

Download Car Simulator 2 apk latest version from Softwsp!

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Android 4.1 and up
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