Cheetah Keyboard, the free keyboard application that is accurate, makes typing fast, secure and fun as well.

As key features, the Cheetah Keyboard provides a smart reply technology, an artificial intelligence-driven prediction which in combination with the auto-correction feature will greatly improve your typing, grammar, and efficiency and let’s not forget that the keyboard provides has gesture typing as well.

Customize your keyboard with hundred of keyboard themes, there is no way you won’t find one on the theme page and if you don’t do not worry, Cheetah Keyboard doesn’t come easy on features.

You can create your own theme, change the image, the sounds, everything you wish. The keyboard is highly customizable.

Let’s have fun with the hundreds of emoji, stickers, and gifs. Your typing experience will be full of joy when you will see the possibility of expressing your emotions with gifs at your fingertip.

Why choose Cheetah Keyboard? Still not sure? If we summarize, we offer a ton of cool features like :

– 3D animated keyboard with tons of emoji and stickers

– Hilarious emojis provided by EmojiOne, all the feelings can now be expressed at your fingertip. Let others know how you feel in a hilarious way.

– 3D Themes. Cheetah Keyboard provides a tactile 3D Keyboard with the 3D engine where you can find gravity themes, parallax themes as well as colorful and joyful themes.

– Smart reply. Let the AI save your time with the super smart technology which possesses Smart Reply function.

Cheetah Keyboard will ease your life with accurate suggestions for text replies.

– Create and customize your themes at your own will. Change your sounds, pictures, wallpapers and many more at a simple touch.

– Simple, fast, swype. Don’t waste time typing letter by letter, just swipe the screen and the smart AI will type for you in a moment.

– Don’t be annoyed by typing mistakes, everyone makes them, just let the auto-correction engine correct your typos. Communicate faster, easier and happier.













Runs on

Android 4.1 and up
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