Chess Rush is a strategy game that runs on the Android platform. The application is free and is available on site Softwsp.

Rush Chess is a game that happens in real-time and participating users everywhere.

Inspired by chess Dota Auto, the game took a few techniques and here. The game will be divided into two phases, the first phase will have to use your money to you and buy your army and equipment and place them on the battlefield.

What the second stage, you have to start the battle. Strive to get the best results to win as many coins.

With coins, you will buy new troops or better weapons. Finally, he will be declared the winner who will be able to collect the most points.

Chess Rush features more than 50 different and powerful heroes and an 8 × 8 board that will help you win as many rounds. Each character has special powers and abilities, you will need to master.

Learn powers each hero and use them to your advantage. Mix heroes among them, use their skills and get the win.

Chess Rush is a remarkable strategy game, where you develop intellectual abilities and strengthen your thinking. It is ideal for children to stimulate their brains but also to develop their new skills.

Try with your friends latest strategy game, Chess Rush!

Download Chess Rush apk from Softwsp!

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Android 4.1 and up
Latest on Windows
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