Cookpad is a free application available for devices running on Android. This allows you to share your passion for cooking and others.

If you like to cook, try new recipes and show others how good your recipes, well now’s your chance to have fun with the application Cookpad! Here you will find over 60,000 delicious recipes shared by chefs worldwide, but also ordinary people who are passionate about food.

The application is very simplistic and easy to use. The main menu includes everything you need to look for different recipes or ingredients.

You have freedom of movement and can explore any food, from soups, barbecues up to cakes, tarts, and more. Upload your recipes is not a complicated process, but also very handy.

Just shoot the dish that you want to show it all, give it a name and can you add, if you like, specific details. You can share your content on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, to show all your friends your passion.

With Cookpad you can share your recipes with others in a couple of minutes.

Recipes like Mushroom Stroganoff, Macaroni Grill Menu, Caramel Popcorn, Roasted Tomato Soup, Radish Roses, Camembert Cheese, Salt and Pepper Chicken, Dehydrated Vegetables that can be cooked by everyone or you can share recipes for a specific diet such as Dried Vegetables, Lettuce Nutrition, etc..

Users can talk among themselves; I can give advice, comments, feedback, or constructive criticism, all to help you become more skillful in the kitchen.

Create your profile, tell the world something about you, add new recipes, and ready! See for yourself that the application is fantastic!

Download now Cookpad APK app!

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Android 4.4 and up
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