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Digital World is an application that continues Digimon series, available now on the Android platform. This time will embark on an adventure full of fun but also unpredictable.

You will meet the worst monsters that you have to face them with the strategic moves and plans well thought out. Gameplay consists of management section, here you can improve your team creatures, exploration section, this can seek upgrades for you and your team, and coming fight with enemies you face.

The game is built on the famous anime, and it will spark memories drawings you watch a child. Take care of the little monsters who choose to fight to maintain the friendship and love of the main character and good creatures.

The design of the game is built in a professional manner, image quality, colorful and effective. Famous songs also contribute to the establishment of the state of melancholy player so wanting to revisit characters from Digital World.

Develop your digimons by adding new equipment, weapons performance and strategies struggle to dominate the world.

Recreate your memories of childhood with application Digital World!

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Android 4.2 and up
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