Discord is an application that allows you to communicate with other gamers quickly and easily. The app is used by over 250 million players around the world.

Different from other communication applications, Discord – Chat for Gamers is unique because of the use of “servers” that users can create or join upon first signing up.

Build secure chat channels to play games with friends, find teammates, organize squads, LFG, and engage in gaming communities. Whether you play FPS or RPG, Battle Royale or MOBA, or if you watch streamers or esports, you can quickly start a group chat for everything you and your gaming clan need to talk about.

When you initial enter the app, you’ll be advised to create or join a server. Choose the suitable option, and the app will guide you to the home screen. On the left side of the home screen, you’ll discover your list of chat groups and servers. To its right is the chat pane. In the chat pane, users can communicate through GIFs and emoticons for a more spirited conversation.

With Discord, you can design your channels and request your friends to join. To use Discord, you need to connect to a server or to create your own.

You can design your channels from Discord’s interface, and invite your friends to join. Apart from that, you can enter any public channel, as long as you have the invite codes, which aren’t hard to obtain, particularly for the most popular games, such as Minecraft, Battlefield, Day Z, Modern Warfare, or Hearthstone.

Clubs of all sizes thrive on Discord. We’re the favored communication app of game developers, YouTube content creators, Twitch streamers, Reddit communities, and many other gaming-related interest clubs to post giveaways, news, polls, and debate topics for their thousands of followers.

Overall, Discord is a great messaging application where you can communicate with other gamers easily and quickly, and manage every aspect of your account without hassle.

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Android 4.1 and up
Latest on Windows
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