Dawn of Zombies is an online simulator of survival in a post-apocalyptic universe. Here, those who existed through Conflagration were left to survive facing aberrations, hunger, fanatical mutants and zombies, viruses and radiation. And, of course, other survivors.

Get through the decaying heat and dangerous frost as a natural-born survivalist. Be cautious, though: the Territories become much more deadly when the night comes.

One of the key features of Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is that, much like other alike games, you’ll have to gather resources and craft new armaments. You can gather wood, scraps, stone, and a bunch of other raw materials.

These materials can be utilized to make your home’s walls and floors, or even a work desk or a fireplace. You can also build maces, axes, spears, knives and much more.

Humanity collapses—dead increases. You’re one of the heirs, a Strider—the stalker of the wastelands. You travel the Last Territories, the aberration Zone that mysteriously remained after the war.

Here, man is more deadly than beast, here you can be executed for a can of tinned food and worn shoes. Scattered in the Territories, your latest friend, a natural-born aberration specialist, has disappeared. The research falls in your hands.

Only he can help you recover your memory and survive. The game covers more than 20 various locations and objects, a truly fun crafting system, and exceptional visuals.

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