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DU Speed ​​Booster is a free application and made specifically for the Android platform.

The application is a tool for optimizing your phone. Help your device to have a correct functionality and get rid of any debris or viruses which do not even know that you have in your phone.

Theese  can destroy your data, photographs, can affect your social accounts, or even worse, you may damage the phone shortly after you install them.

Get rid of unnecessary files that take up storage space, clean all debris applications, close applications that though not active, you consume the phone’s battery and extends the life of your device.

The application will find the only applications that you destroy the operating system or other irregularities occurring and will let you know immediately. In addition to the notifications received, the tool will suggest you the steps you need to follow to save memory.

It’s that simple! Just install the application and let DU Speed ​​Booster to do their job. His mission is for you to surf the internet safely and not to overload your phone.

You’ve convinced yourself of the functionality of this great tool! Other interesting features of the application are barring or manager permissions.

If a phone number that you do not know calls you repeatedly or gives messages that bothers you, well just let application to handle this. The application will block that number and you will not be bothered by it again.

You’re the one that sets the permissions of the application according to your wishes.

You will be amazed by application performance.

Install  now DU Speed ​​Booster  from Softwsp, free!

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Runs on

Android 8.1.0 and up
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