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Eclipse Isle is an online action game, where you have to survive in a battle. The application works on any Android device and is free for download.

Your mission is to survive in a battle of 60 people.  It is a game in Fortnite style and the control system is similar to the League of Legends or Arena of Valor. You should always collect as many weapons and equipment you can to survive the battle. Remember that all the other 60 players are against you and you’re the only one you can trust.

Take care on the part of the island that you are heading forshelter because it filled with fog, that will impair vision. If you stay too long in the fog, your character’s health will deteriorate greatly.

The battle is also sometimes stopped due to an eclipse that monopolizing the island. Withdraw safe and make sure you are not enemies behind you. Also, there will come and ferocious monsters that will hunt you. Collect as many foods as you can that and find to not starve, including weapons that you are presented.

Use equipment and weapons and defeat your enemies. They will not even know what hit them. Show them all of what you can do and not let them beat you. You’re the only hero of this story.

The game is very dynamic and takes you through trying hard to save your life. Use the most strategic moves to remain the only survivor.

Download now the Eclipse Isle app and live the adventure of your life!

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Android 4.3 and up
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