Episode Choose Your Story is an interactive novel where you have to determine characters destinies. Episode empowers you to live your fantasies with romance, love, adventure, and drama.

The game comes with two storybooks that they named: “Tea & Poison,” “Campus Crush,” where you will make choices that will have an ultimate impact on the outcome of the final story. Resolve the secrets that the story presents and endure all the encounters.

How the game works:

– Customize your avatar and design your outfit

– Develop relationships with your favorite characters

– Change fate through your choices you make

– Discover all of the different possible endings

– Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds

Based on the selections you make during the various chapters, you can make this or that colleague or fall in love with this character or the other. Games like episode choose your story are pretty entertaining because it allows you to take your own decisions that will have a significant impact on the game story.

Not just can you read your preferred stories, but you can also write your own! Write and distribute your very own interactive stories on Episode’s platform, accumulating millions of reads yourself.

Overall, Episode Choose Your Story app is an excellent novel adventure with attractive graphics, a substantial amount of dialogue, and loads of situations where you can make your own decisions.

Download Episode apk from Softwsp and manage characters destinies!

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Android 5.0 and up
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