Focus Firefox is a browser developed by Mozilla to bring safety to another level.

Its main purpose is to give users a unique navigation experience as safe as possible. The application does not include markings or filters not hold passwords and store cookies.

It does not wish to maintain data of any kind, and every time you open the application you will find a search engine clean, search suggestions or things that might suggest the use of sites in the past.

The browser’s mission is to block all the ads and trackers to ensure safe navigation built. Also, the app does not intend to require too much of your device’s features.

Tracking is automatically locked so no one will be after you, and with a single option, history will be deleted at any time, at your request. Firefox Focus will keep your secret searches and will allow other applications to intercept the information you use.

Now you can surf safely, without thinking that you’re being chased by someone or that someone else has access to your archive searches from your phone. Firefox Focus is very easy to use, offers a unique experience and security.

In addition, you can manage web sites that you want to be blocked and you do not want to be blocked.

Why choose Firefox Focus? Because it provides what it promises, it is completely free and you get rid of ads and occupies little storage space Focus

Discover Firefox and convince yourself!

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Android 5.0 and up
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