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FMWhatsApp is a MOD of WhatsApp Messenger that adds functions to the first development in terms of privacy and file transfers.

If you want features like auto-reply, theme changing, customization, etc. then start using FMWhatsApp right now. Besides this application allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts. This is the app you need to utilize a Dual SIM mobile.

Exactly like any other WhatsApp APK Mod, you won’t be prepared to find Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp in the official Google Play Store as it goes against the laws of the Internet giant as it’s based on the source code of the formal application. Though, that doesn’t mean that it’s terrible.

FMWhatsApp comes with a considerable number of exciting features:

– Disable forward tag

– View status or story without letting them know

– Send an image in full resolution

– Share more than ten images at once

– Video size limit up to 700MB

– Change color of the action bar, background, status bar, navigation bar

– Change Font Family and more

The name of Fouad Mokdad springs to ring a bell amongst the users of MODs. This developer has previously created three distinct WhatsApp MODs that have reached a particular reputation thanks to their password-protected conversations, privacy enhancements, the customization of the app, or changes to file transfers.

FMWhatsApp APK comes with two alternatives one is Emoji changer, and another one doesn’t have this preference to change emojis. Just default emojis are available on that.

Overall, FMWhatsApp is an outstanding application that will enhance your WhatsApp account with a lot of new features that the original version doesn’t have at all.

Download FMWhatsApp APK from Softwsp and improve WhatsApp features!

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Android 4.2 and up
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