Frostborn is an adventure RPG game where you your only objective is to survive the cold and hunger, collecting stones, sticks, berries and other simple elements.

At the base, you will be able to store resources and gain properties, and also play defense from attacks of foe enemies and clans. For that you will need strong walls, various kind of traps and a little bit of tricks.

The game has some interesting features:

– Realistic graphics

– Co-op mode up to 4 players

– PvP and PvE modes

– Create or join a clan

– Vast in-game world

– Plenty of locations and dungeons

– Wide range of weapons

– Craft in-game transport

– Spectacular world in the setting of ancient Scandinavia

– Atmospheric sound design

Frostborn is build in the style of a standard RPG game, built with elements that will surely make you feel pure. You have at your disposal a large number of elements such as hemp, rock, iron, bronze, flesh, skins, wood and you can use all these elements to construct other elements, like picks, axes, coffers, lances, backpacks, work tables, etc.

Overall, Frostborn is an excellent RPG adventure game that comes with enormous world and where you need to defeat Hel and save Ingard!













Runs on

Android 4.1 and up
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