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Google Assistant Go is the smaller version of Google’s assistant that utilizes fewer resources of our phone and a more limited battery by ignoring other minor options.

Utilize your voice to get directions to the most proximal coffee shop, initiate calls hands-free during your commute, and relax by playing your favorite tunes. Your personal Google is here to help. Demand from your Google Assistant questions and get everything done. Use it anytime, everywhere.

The opportunities are almost endless with Google Assistant Go. With this virtual assistant, you can speak and send an email to any of your connections, as well as call a contact or transfer them a WhatsApp message. Not just that, but you can also establish alarms, plan reminders, play music, get a selfie, or check the weather, all in a matter of seconds. And, all of that can be achieved by fluid and simple voice commands.

Lightweight and quick, yet still packed with your preferred features, the Google Assistant is now accessible on Android (Go edition). With Google Assistant Go, the new lite version of its virtual assistant that uses more scattered resources and fewer battery than the first version with nearly all the same highlights and options.

Some features present on the Google Assistant for official Android phones are momentarily not supported on the Google Assistant for Android (Go edition), for instance, notes, Actions on Google, controls for smart home devices, and Device Actions.

Say “Hey Google, talk like Issa” to get started. After you make a move, listen up – you may discover some enjoyment surprises along the way. Here’s a couple to get you started – say, “Hey Google, glorify me” or “Hey Google, can you beatbox.”

Overall, You can now hear to your radio how you need it when you want it on any Google Assistant-enabled device and your Android mobile phone.

Download Google Assistant Go apk from Softwsp!

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Android 8.0 and up
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