Google Street View app is an official Google tool to explore street view around from your mobile device. Make street view virtual tour with Google Street View app. Travel with one of the best street view maps app. Discover places you have never been online sitting at home using virtual google maps.

In Google Street View app Android, you can see landmarks and natural wonders. Receive instant street view near your home. Google Street View contains Google Street View history, so you can back in time and observe familiar places.

You can track the traffic situation on real-time maps street view. Google Street View cars help to avoid crowds, using google street view driver receive all data to build an optimal path.

Use street view mobile to get information about your location and places around you. You can step inside museums, arenas, or restaurants on google visual map.  Observe Street View special collections to see more details photos.

Connect to Ricoh Theta V or Theta Z1 camera and record video about your travel, walking or driving. With “Video Mode” users make street view trusted and actualize streets photos. Moreover, you can make 360 photos, connect them on the map using the Street View app.

Publish recorded video to Google Maps and become google street view trusted photographer. Add your own Street View for everyone to see.

If you still concern about how to use Google Street View, you can find all answers on the support website from Google.

Download Google Street View apk from Softwsp and explore photos gallery of the Street Views!

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