Grand Street Wars is an action game specially designed for Android users who love dynamic and colorful games. This is one of the best mafia games, that you’ll love at first play. Your work will consist of performing special tasks specific to the criminal world.

Complete as many of them and become supreme head of the mafia. Games like Grand Street Wars are much like GTA games, where you have to solve missions and reach destinations. In Grand Street Wars you can steal any car you want, you can fight with other bandits and the most important thing is to run as far away from the police to avoid being caught.

Be the best player like GTA rockstar and show them all how well you do in this game. Go anywhere, take any car, helicopter, tank or utility machine and create your own rules in the face of opposition.

Use the best weapons and kill anyone who is trying to put in your way. Only you are the boss, so do laws as you want. Create the coolest mafia wars from your mobile device.

Go in mafia way city mod and adventure yourself in the coolest missions. Spectacular graphics of the game, accompanied by vivid colors blend perfectly in a game harmonious, beautiful design that will captivate you from the start.

Let’s not forget the sounds in the background that will make you feel like being there. Discover all the action from Grand Street Wars, available now on Softwsp for free!

Download Grand Street Wars apk from Softwsp!

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Android 4.1 and up
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