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Grimvalor is a 3D RPG game in a dark fantasy world that was inspired by Castlevania. Is a journey to be had on your way to face the dark king.

The game story is quite simple, a malicious power stirs in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris, your task is to discover  the fate of its lost king, but your quest quickly takes a sinister turn and you are cast into darkness.

Controls in Grimvalor are well-adapted to touchscreens. On the left, you’ll find there are buttons for moving around and on the right there are buttons for jumping, dodging and attacking.

Going through levels you will gain good combat skills, learn enemy patterns and bring them down with all your fury.

The game comes with outstanding  graphics and a good character design that is absolutely amazing.

Overall, Grimvalor is an excellent 3D RPG adventure game where you need to explore the shattered lands of Vallaris, find and upgrade equipment and level up your character.

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Android 4.4 and up
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