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Hay Day is a social management game devoted care of a farm that requires attention and skill to be able to work. Hay Day is available on Android.

Players will plant and take care of different cultures in later to harvest them and sell them. Navigation is very easy and the application is especially adapted touch screen phones; using fingertips to drag items on the screen to control the application.

The game lets you invite friends on social networks and to install them this application and enjoy together. You can make trade exchanges, negotiations and much more in order to create a larger farm.

Hay Day is a fun game specially created for those who want to experience the feeling of being a farmer to provide all the necessary for a firm to measure its skills and make sound decisions for the welfare of animals’.

You have the freedom to manage their own farm as you want, cultivate fruits and vegetables to feed your animals on time so that eventually you can advance in the game.

Crop growth is a process that requires time and patience to your plants to grow. They need water and nutrients just like in real life, and not be groomed daily to dry.

When maturity is you can use to feed the farm or you can sell in exchange for money, money must I invest here.

The app attracts millions of users to captivating them through realism and excellent graphics.

Install the application and become a true farmer! It’s that simple!

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Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up
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