Home Runtaro is a fun and recreational application that tests your limits and attention. The main character in this game is a baseball player who is challenged.

In front of you stands another character who will throw you some balls. Besides balls, he would sneak a few items that you should not hit. If you hit them, you will lose the game. Great fun in this game is to change characters who throw the ball every level.

You have both girls and boys will give it, and some cute animals and even statues. Be very careful about what they throw you, to not get out of the game. After you go through all levels of the game, in the end, it will wait for a pleasant surprise. I’ll let you discover it. I just say so who loves you waiting for you.

Your job is to hit all the balls without a miss, to move on. It’s a pretty simple game, but effective. Even if it has no special effects or high-quality graphics, the game manages its simplicity to the user pleasantly surprised.

The game will captivate you from the first use. Play the game and create your daily lifestyle a baseball. The fun is guaranteed!

Download application Home Runtaro and come in the world of baseball!

The application is available for download right now, for free on your Android device!

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Android 4.4 and up
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