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Hundred Soul is a game full of action. If you like scenes filled with action, well here you will find action-packed battles and battles in real-time.

Get ready for battles with various evil creatures and participate in as many missions. Each level puts you face to face with your enemies that you must defeat them. Your mission is to save the world. You’re the only man who has a chance to destroy evil.

You’ll see the coolest effects, accompanied by realistic sounds very similar to real ones. Lights, fire, explosions, weapons, all in the new application Hundred Soul! This application is available for download, right now on your Android devices. It’s free and no extra charges.

This action game is ideal for your phone, all orders are adapted for the smartest smartphones. Try to build smart attacks, try to discover the weak points of the enemy and use them against them.

Work smart and efficient and creates strategic moves and effects. Such fun comes prepared with the highest responsibility for safety the finest graphics and sound effects.

Immediately you start to play, you’ll find yourself in another world, a world where good must overcome evil and restore to humans the freedom lost. Come in  Hundred Soul world!

Download Hundred Soul apk from Softwsp!

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Android 5.1 and up
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