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Jelly Shift is a very interesting application, whose purpose is to change the shape of a giant jelly to be handled during the route. It is a fun application that requires your imagination and creativity.

The application can be downloaded from any phone running on the Android platform. It is simple and easy to use by anyone. Your mission will be to control a block of jelly while sliding on a track. You must be aware of the various obstacles that appear in front of you and you mold against the shape.

Try this! It’s harder than it looks! Jelly Shift’s goal is to pass through the column without touching them. Overcome as many columns and accumulate more points. You get rid of problems and stress due to the background music, which is very relaxing. The graphics are minimalist and it has vibrant colors.

Get rid of anxiety states with the help of Shift Jelly! It is easy to use, just drag your finger on the screen and change the form of jelly. At first, you’ll go through a few levels easy to accommodate, but still, you get heavier levels and your imagination will be put to the test. Do you think you can handle it? It is so funny!

Get your friends and starts a new adventure! See for yourself that this is a fun app with 3D effects that will make it loves.

Download the new app of the moment, and show your friends how cool you are!

Have fun with the Jelly Shift app!

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Android 4.1 and up
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