Journeys: Interactive Series is the latest life simulator online from The Other Guys. Explore the world of choices, dip into beautiful and immersive worlds of Mystery, Romance, Drama, and Adventure. Do what you want and live life in your way, deal with consequences, and make life choices.

Like a lot of real-life simulation games Journeys: Interactive Series allows you to experience life as it is.

Journeys: Interactive Series simulation lets you face multiple characters. Explore different stories and get involved in various lifelines. Go through daily dilemmas, choose the paths of events. Pursuit and experience the stories from the beginning.

This life simulator app gives you exciting adventures and incredible mysteries. Try if you like simulation games like sims and inspire with fun simulation games.

It is easy to start with Journeys: Interactive Series cause the game familiar with top simulation games. In the game, you can select stories most interested in with varied setups. There is no limit for you. You can work at a restaurant or become a powerful wizard.

Find love, make friend and enemies exploring the relationship system and find yourself. Feel real emotions, listen to exciting and liven dialogues. Journeys: Interactive Series features seven interactive series. Each series contains a lot of stories, show you unique aspects of life. Each week tons of exciting new episodes are coming out.

The Journeys: Interactive Series game has an excellent environment and realistic graphics. Also, high-quality sound will make the reality effect.

Overall, this game for those who are looking for the best story-driven simulation game. Try in-game features for free. The app is ads-free.

Download Journeys: Interactive Series apk from Softwsp and find out about this fantastic simulation game.

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Android 4.1 and up
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