The game features the stories of mankind in the future, namely in 2035, when a disease called plague of overcoming the world, killing her and turning much of it into zombies. You’re the last survivor to be in a position to fend off all the threats that face them at every step.

You watched the shadow of zombies waiting to make any mistake to attack you. Now your life is in danger, the threat of the undead, disease, and famine.

You have to defend at all costs life to not fall prey to the beasts of the shadows. You have to look in every place weapons to kill zombies and one piece of food left in this world disaster.

During the game, you have to solve mysteries and get over all challenges. Evil does not wait and be experienced even at night and need to survive in any conditions.

You have to get out at night to hunt and look for food but enemies will come right after you, so you have to be very careful. Collect any property owned by zombies after you manage to kill him, that will help later.

The image of the game is very realistic and the background music will put you into character immediately. Game Controls is presented in perfect condition, and game options are varied.

If you like adventure, application Last Human Life on Earth is exactly what you searching for!













Runs on

Android 4.0 and up
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