MacroDroid is the easiest method to automate your quotidian tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the intelligent user interface, MacroDroid gives a simplistic solution to make automatic tasks on your device in just several taps.

A good illustration of a macro that reveals you what’s possible with MacroDroid is as follows: when your battery is smaller than 10%, a trigger is initiated that automatically fixes your smartphone on airplane mode. In this case, the trigger and action are both effortless, but the customization opportunities are virtually infinite.

From MacroDroid’s main window, you can quickly reach the macro creation tool, which is both manageable and intuitive. So you can watch the most current macros produced by other users, for instance, and maybe find some that are exceptionally clever and helpful.

MacroDroid can make over 100 separate actions, that you basically would do by hand. Attach to your Bluetooth or Wifi device, pick the volume levels, speak text (like your incoming announcements or current time), run a timer, dim your screen, and many more.

MacroDroid’s unusual interface gives a Wizard that leads step by step through the configuration of your primary macros. It is also likely to use an existent template from the template segment and customize it to your demands. The built-in forum enables you to get advice from other users, permitting you to learn the ins and outs of MacroDroid quickly.

Overall, MacroDroid is a mechanization application, thanks to which you can perform tons of various tasks automatically and very efficiently.

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Android 4.2 and up
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