Marvel Puzzle Quest is a puzzle game very fun and interesting. Your mission will be to help the Marvel heroes to destroy enemies and bring peace to the world. The application is available for download on the Android platform.

Your job is to think and put into practice the most innovative moves, so get special attacks full force to destroy opponents. Forming teams with the coolest heroes in Marvel history and bring in your team Spiderman, Iron Man, Avengers, and others.

Here you will meet and other popular characters, such as X-Force, or Captain Marvel Avengers May. In this game, you must combine 3 or more pieces of the same color to destroy as many elements and accumulate power, power which will overthrow the enemy.

As you advance in the game you will travel around the world and you will face the fiercest enemies. As unlock more than this level, the more you get new characters that you can add to your team of superheroes.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is very exciting, captivating and draws you in from the start. Join forces with the strongest characters and defeat!

You will have unique experiences and excellent sound quality and graphics.

Download the new app Marvel Puzzle Quest for free!

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Android 4.1 and up
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