Medal of War is a free action game for Android. Your purpose is to send your army to defeat the enemy base. Sure, if your opponent manages to destroy yours first, you lose.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as Clash Royale is you deploy your troops inside your zone of control from cards at the bottom of the screen. You should know each unit has different costs depending on how powerful they are.

In-app features tons of unique units, each with their weaknesses and strengths. You guys know that tanks, for example, are a great way to dispatch infantry troops but are terrible against missile launchers. Also, all of your forces will increase in power as you level them up.

The main new addition to combat in-app is the ”no man’s land” in the center of the map. When one player controls both areas of ”no man’s land” simultaneously, their base will launch missiles at the enemy’s. You can have a meaningful impact on the course of the battle.

Medals of War is an RTS with intense combat, that usually lasts no longer than three minutes. Its excellent graphics also deserve special mention, bringing back memories of Team Fortress 2.

Download Medal of War is an RTS combat game for free from Softwsp.

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Android 4.1 and up
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