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Megapolis is a fun simulation game where you have possibility to build your own city from a small plot of land. You can build the metropolis of your dreams with Metropolis.

The game is very addictive and you’ll never bore playing because Megapolis has great opportunities for example you can build a perfect urban infrastruсture, expand the mining industry for natural resources, advance science by forming a research center or become a true oil tycoon.

The game has some interesting features:

– Realistic buildings and monuments

– Develop your own state and join state contests

– Excellent opportunities for infrastructure upgrades: airport, ring road, railway, underground, ships etc.

– Collect and process resources

– Develop new weapons and enter the arms race

– Advance science to progress faster

If you want to have a good city with a good economy and excellent architecture you should know what buildings will bring you the best benefits and how to exploit various available energy resources such as oil, gas, wind, and solar power.

Overall, Megapolis is an excellent simulation game like Hay Day but in this game you need to build your city and not your farm. You will have change to build from houses for people, buildings, etc.

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Android 4.3 and up
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