Microsoft PowerPoint is the ideal application to create presentations with millions of downloads worldwide, appreciate it for the creative presentation, accessible from any Android device.

Starting from version PowerPoint for PC, Microsoft developers have created the application for smartphones with touch functions incorporated to not lag behind technology.

The application lets you expose your desires as you want, to be creative and choose from many themes background, slides from dozens of stiles or drawings provided for you.

You can insert images to be as meaningful in what you want to highlight, texts of various colors, charts, clip art, add a background sound to make the presentation more enjoyable and you can add various transition effects to images to reaffirm the audience’s attention.

Get the application with you anywhere on any Android device and you can make the final touches just before the presentation begins.

The application has no age limit, even being recommended even for small presentations for school children, students or professionals.

If you want to share with friends, you can share your PowerPoint presentation through email or chat via social networks.

See for yourself the professionalism application Microsoft PowerPoint!













Runs on

Android 6.0 and up
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