Come and join the fun, invite your friends and take over the brand new 5 versus 5 multiplayer online battle arena Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This new MOBA experience, promises to have one of the best game balances, the newest graphics and one of the easiest controls.

Choose your favorite role, we have them all. Tanks, marksman, mages, everything you could imagine. Take over the lanes, jungle and rush the enemy’s base, destroy the towers and push the lanes to their base core.

The games last game search engine ensures that you find a game in 10 seconds and the overall battle does not last more than 10 minutes on average.

This new 2017 brand new eSports title is an MOBA masterpiece, take the spot as the best and strongest Challenger, annihilate your enemies and climb the leaderboards.

This new game does not come easy on the features, exactly the opposite. Being a brand new mobile arena experience, we have new features that no one on the market has. We offer input lag-free engines, new AI, stunning graphics, real-time action and more.

The real-time 5v5 battles have no lag or delay, the stunning graphics come with very low hardware requirements and the system is so good, almost all the low connections are hugely improved so you don’t have to stop playing to reset your WiFi.

Invite your friends to join you, create new teams, new strategies and carry your team to victory. Deal damage, control your enemies or support your friends, become the MVP of the match.

Watch out for the constant new gameplay and heroes updates we work tirelessly to improve the game and bring new features for our players.

The games are as fair as it can get, we offer extremely balanced gameplay. Your skills and teamwork abilities will be tested, every mistake can lose you the game and every advantage you have over your enemy will win you the game.

The controls are as simple as it can get, just jump in a practice game and master them. You will get used in a few matches, and you will master them without needing to practice hours every day. We offer constant support, so if you need any help, contact us.

Lost connection? Do not worry, our new AI engine can handle your character while you reconnect. There will never be 4 v 5 situation. We farm and push for you until you can reconnect and continue the match.

Come join the fun, show us your skills and compete on real eSports tournaments.

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Android 4.1 and up
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