OGWhatsapp is a different mod app of the original Whatsapp Messenger version of the app.

It enables you to have two distinct versions of Whatsapp on your android smartphone. A third party developer handles the OG Whatsapp due to which the app has its tremendous and defective sides. Once OGWhatsApp APK application installed on your Android phone or tablet, it will permit the use of two different phone numbers with WhatsApp on a single smartphone.

To utilize the application, you need to follow four easy steps:

1. You must create a backup of all your messages to save them, and then remove all data accessing Settings> Apps> WhatsApp> Clear Data.

2. Modify the file name in OGWhatsApp.

3. Deinstall WhatsApp and install OGWhatsApp.

4. The latest step is to reinstall the original WhatsApp and use a different number.

OGWhatsApp arrives to help those who need to be active and have two phone numbers WhatsApp, personal or business, on one Android phone.

You should remember that you can download and use this APK without any doubts: nobody is going to remove your WhatsApp account or get your user data, whether your details or the data you share with your contacts. Everything is safe, or that’s what its developer says.

Overall, OGWhatsApp is an excellent mod for WhatsApp Messenger that is a beneficial tool for users who demand to have two WhatsApp phone numbers on their Android device.

Download OG WhatsApp 2019 apk from Softwsp!

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Android 4.0 and up
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