Pocket Cowboys is a free strategy game for Android. This app is in which four people will confront one another in a duel to see who is the fastest in the West. You have to discover who anticipates the moves of their opponents, given that in Pocket Cowboys, skills are worth more than strength.

Pocket Cowboys’ gaming system is quite attractive. Four people will fight in a duel on a small stage divided into hexagons, where all will make their move at the identical time.

This goes to tell that we will have to figure out where our rivals will be in the next round, while we avoid them ending our life. Only by tapping the screen to realize the action that we want to make, carrying out the move is simple.

The different personas of the game will be able to act in each turn is to shoot, to move, or to reload the gun. You see, in-app is that there are ten different classes of characters that we unblock as we continue playing. Each one of them comes with unique abilities.

Someone will shoot from more than one hexagon of distance, and others will be able to place traps on the stage, others will be able to make more than one move in each turn.

The initial to achieve three exclusions will be the winner of the round.

Moreover, to complicate things further, in each one of the screens of the different shots, there will be details that give a random touch to the encounters. Such is snakes that will poison us, horses that will provide us with the advantage, whirlwinds of sand that will take us to another part of the board.

The longer we play, the more we raise the level to unlock new characters and abilities that will allow us to become the most efficient gunman.

Download Pocket Cowboys free from Softwsp.

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Android 4.4 and up
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