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Pokemon Duel is an adventure game inspired by the world of Pokemon. Available on Android, the game centers around battles between your creature creatures versus your enemies.

Engage with players around the world and discover the chance to enter the Top Leagues League Match. You will face your rivals in real time. Win duels and become the best.

The game is simple to understand, action focusing on a board. Each character can be moved, with the aim to defeat the enemy. All you have to do is to defend your characters and block pathways to defeat you.

When the two meet face Pokemon and win the hardest. Each player receives six Pokémon game that soars in battle, each with different powers. As you win battles, you earn special objects that you can use to your advantage, we Pokémon stronger, a higher rank.

Fights are not easy and require intelligence and strategy techniques from the user to reach the top. Pokemon Duel is an updated version of Pokemon Go, which manages originality generate interesting fight and to arouse curiosity players.

Download the app and enter the world of Pokemon!

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Android 4.1, 4.1.1 and up
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