Raft Survival Simulator is a game type simulator survival in the ocean after a foundering. The game begins with the story of a man who had an accident and remained lost on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

Frightened of shark that attacked you before you make you realize you’re the last survivor. All you have to do is hope that you will find someone, but until then have to secure your existence.

Began to gather hook and rope all that remains of the old boat and build your new home to survive. Start by making a raft highest in boards that you have, arming yourself, fished, built a place where you can live.

Share resources of food and water each day, not of surprise that stay hungry. Remember, I feel the presence of sharks and do not hesitate to attack at any time.

Build various sharp objects with which to defend yourself.   The night is even worse when all the animals are waiting for you to take the wrong step.

Do not forget to May and sleep and get the rest that you need. Create your all conditions for a decent life.

Fishes, plant vegetables and increase food intake, so necessary for survival. Raft Survival Simulator is a game that keeps you captivated always a game that makes careful where your life depends on how you calculated and carefully.

In support, it gets high-quality graphics that offer some crisp and brightly colored. Ocean sound surrounds you in great spell and brings you right into the ocean wilderness.

The best part of the game is that it is always updated and comes with new tools for defense against sharks and others.

Have fun with application Raft Survival Simulator!

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Android 4.4 and up
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