Real Guitar Free is an application specially designed for Android devices. You were always passionate guitar? Would you like to play one? Well, this app is for you. Install application and you have your own guitar.

Learn to play anywhere, anytime. Choose your favorite type of guitar playing on electric mode, classical or acoustic. The application is one of the best guitar simulators, which reproduce exactly the sound of a real guitar.

They were recorded from a real guitar and transposed into the application for you to have an experience as close to reality. The advantage enforces these applications is that you can sing the whole song musical notes and chords you know very well.

So it is not only passionate but also for experts. It is great for children who take guitar lessons or want to learn to play this instrument. Excellent graphics accompanied by divine sounds of guitar gives you immediately a state of peace of mind and help you relax.

Play alone, with friends or family or loved ones, teach them how wields this wonderful instrument. You can save your creations and listen again whenever you feel the need. You will love it from the first application.

The application does not require internet connection, so you can use it anywhere without worry of slow connection or no signal.

Get professional with Real Guitar Free!

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Android 5.0 and up
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