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Rosetta Stone, the application that won the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award 2014 and Users’ Choice in the Tabby Awards 2014, brings you over 20 distinct languages in which you can accomplish, at the very least, a necessary level.

With Rosetta Stone, you’ll be able to study languages efficiently without having to remember lexicon words or translating words from one dialect to another – you’ll be speaking your new language from the very beginning. The app highlights 24 various languages to learn, including Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

This app is beneficial to learn new languages, though, there are improvements that could be implemented into the app: – option to change from simplified to traditional characters and perhaps add pinyin to assist in learning – can introduce pinyin as well at the very beginning of the lesson as an introduction for new learners.

Useful tools for review as long as you’re familiar with the alphabet that language uses. Otherwise, it’s sturdy and discouraging. The first lesson should be explaining the sounds and the alphabet and a general idea of how that language works.

Rosetta Stone provides in-app pronunciation help with the app’s proprietary speech recognition technology. It comes with lessons that teach practical conversational skills, offline lesson downloading, and progress syncing across all devices.

Overall, Rosetta Stone is a grand old name in the world of language learning software, and these years of refining its natural learning methods have paid off in the highly intuitive Rosetta Stone app.

Download Rosetta Stone apk from Softwsp and start to learn a foreign language!

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