Russian Rider is one of the best driving games. It is a racing game on Russian cars.

Among top driving games not so much a multiplayer racing game like Russian Rider. You can race online with real players and your friends.

Ingame chat allows communicating with players, schedule games, and contact to developers. Multiplayer lobby is always active. As in other driving games, you can choose one of the available multiplayer modes. For free you can drive with up to 10 players in the room.

Try classic time car racing or drift. Flee from rivals and become a king in the company, free your soul driver. Turn on the bomb mode. Escape by giving bomb and pull over an opponent who is speeding.

Feel the high speed in police chase mode. Try carnage mode. Play cars soccer an hockey. Fell free to race with thousands of players all over the world.

Customize skin for you Russian car. Choose VAZ, Niva, Volga, Moskvich, Lada Priora, Lada Vesta or other and tuning one. This one of the best free racing games has beautiful graphics and accurate physics which bring your racing to reality. The 3D graphic is not worse in new driving games.

Download Russian Rider apk from Softwsp and enjoy a great free multiplayer racing game.

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Android 4.0.3 and up
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