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Samsung Messages is a tool that lets you send messages with ease.

The app comes installed by default on all Samsung devices. Samsung Messages allows you to send texts to any person as long as you have a phone number, without to register for a separate messaging feature.

From the main window on the bottom side you will see two tabs: Conversations and Contacts. In Conversations tab you will find all the messages that you send or receive to/from a person and on the Contacts tab you will see all the contacts that you have on your phone.

When you enter on a message room you have possibility to search, initiate a call, register an audio message, etc.. Moreover you can delete the current conversation, enable custom notifications, block contact, add or remove people, pin the conversation on the top of list of messages and even more.

Also Samsung Messages comes with settings that every messaging app should have, such as: show notifications (app icon badges, emergency alerts, general notifications, new messages), block numbers and messages, roaming emergency alerts, etc..

To send message or SMS marketing content with Samsung Messages is pretty straightforward. Tap on the icon that is placed on the bottom-right corner, choose the person from the list of contacts, write the message and send it. That’s all!

The app allows you to send even stickers to make the message more attractive and enjoyable.

Samsung group text is a feature that lets you select more contacts when you want to send the same message to more people. Moreover you can setup even an out of office message if you are bussy or quick responses.

Overall, Samsung Messages is a great SMS service that lets you exchange messages with any users with phone numbers.

Downlaod Samsung Messages apk and send messages with ease at any hour!

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Android 7.0 and up
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