Created and programmed by NLLVideo Players & Editors this amazing app gives all Android users the possibility of recording and sharing their screens and experience with the entire world.

Game or create content, the amazing Screen Recorder application will give you the possibility to share with the world everything you do on the phone.

Are you a gamer? Well, download the app and start sharing your content. Start your game, and own your enemies, show the world your skills and receive the fame you deserve while also having fun.

Are you working in educational fields, are you a programmer or do you just want to show grandma how to use her new phone? Record your screen, teach others and let’s share education together as well as help grandma understand technology.

Screen Recorder is a free application, we offer unlimited screen capture time for recording your device’s screen.

Create educational content, create gaming entertaining videos, make promotional content or just share your experience. We value quality so we offer complete audio.

Our application includes the following benefits :

– Unlimited screen recording time

– Full quality audio recording for our PRO users.

– A material theme for Android

– While recording any video, we make the screen touches show in the video for a better understanding of your quality content

– If you want to stop your recording and you don’t want to press the screen, just shake your screen or switch it

– The possibility of delaying the starting point of your recording

– Banner during recording

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Runs on

Android 5.0 and up
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