Skype Lite is a new version of Skype, which has exactly the same characteristics as the original but is designed for other needs.

Skype Lite was created from India need to communicate, despite limited Internet connections, helping and countries with coverage mica. Skype Lite is a new version of Skype, which resembles the original, but is less and take up less storage space.

It offers all the features of the old Skype a better formula. Allows keeping in touch with loved ones by sending messages or make video calls or audio even under limited network.

Access to the application is based on creating an account, then you can enjoy moments with friends or family. Skype Lite allows sharing photos and files, free calls from India to the US / Canada.

Connecting is simple; by simply clicking on the tab of Skype Lite call start calling friends and also can share a link call other people on social networks such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

Skype Lite is an alternative designed to help users jump you do not have great storage space. The application is successfully received among users because the population saves costs and normal SMS offers advantages over regular mail.

It is easy to download and is compatible with Android devices.












Runs on

Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up
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