Soula WhatsApp is an open-source software extended popular WhatsApp messenger. This free online instant messenger similar to the most popular WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent.

Soula WhatsApp offers greater control of your privacy. Also, you will find a lot of new options to customize your interface.

Using this free messaging software, you receive extra possibilities to deliver files. At once send up to 100 files of different formats: APK, ZIP, RAR, PDF. Send up to 100 images in one message.

You can write long status text from 139 to 250 characters. Send video up to 100 MB, and images up 90 MB.

You can send a free text message. See your activity with Messages Counter. Soula WhatsApp supports calls as well.

Moreover, you have the possibility to send messages to any WhatsApp number, including those who are not in your contacts list.

You can download profiles footage and Status increased for 1 hour. The app has a new emoticon and emoji pack.

Soula WhatsApp has a lot of functionality when it comes to privacy. It proposes greater control of your account privacy. You can hide the status view and hide last seen. It includes a blue tick, double tick, typing, anti revoke, BOR.

Customize Soula WhatsApp messenger for you. Find Dark Themes In Settings. Also, you can change Launcher Icons and Notification Icons.

If you install WhatsApp before, you are forced to uninstall it before Soula WhatsApp installation.
In order to keep your conversations and chats to be able to restore, you need to create the backup.

Softwsp offers WhatsApp apk free download as well. All in all, Soula WhatsApp adds a lot of new features to WhatsApp and improves the functioning of the original app.

Download Soula WhatsApp apk from Softwsp and try improved analog of your favorite instant messaging and chat app.

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Android 7.0 and up
Latest on Windows
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