Speed ​​VPN is only available on Android browser that helps you surf the Internet freely. It provides high-speed navigation, unlocks various websites and protects the user.

Besides high-speed browsing, the application is safe and reliable. The application saves you the care you could be robbed or your personal information and data may reach dubious sites without your permission.

Speed ​​VPN application was noticed among users, and now include a significant number that continues to grow daily. It connects to a network and encrypts your data, including banking or social to become difficult to decipher for those malicious.

The most exposed areas are those where wi-fi is public and anyone can connect to it, brothers to realize how dangerous it is and how much they expose life. The application can be used to access restricted content in your country due to geographical area or conflicts.

Luckily you can skip this frustrating through Speed ​​VPN application. Owned application servers are found in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Japan or France, being able to access content from there if you use the free version of the application.

You can use the application free for 20 days, and after that, the time available to use the application will be reduced to 60 minutes per session.

Choose to cruise safely on the Internet with Speed ​​VPN application!

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Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up
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