StumbleUpon is a free powerful app to discover content for Android. Find your favorite instantly. The StumbleUpon serves up the perfect mix of photos, videos,  quotes, entertaining articles, memes, travel tips, hot news, art, and much more from around the web.

Tell us your preferences, and we will give you the content you interested in.

With StumbleUpon, follow your friends and share discovered content. Save discoveries in the list of favorites. Moreover, you can create lists of your favorite topics and share them.

Follow your friends and follow other lists to find more content you prefer. You can share your discoveries via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even SMS.

StumbleUpon if fast app. At lightning speed, you receive the best of the web.

Quit searching and begin Stumbling with StumbleUpon! You can find hilarious cat videos, read trending news, watch unbelievable photography, addicting animated gifs, useful travel tips, read educational posts.

Download StumbleUpon from Softwsp for free!

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Android 4.0.3
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Join an epic fantasy world battles

8.2.5 Battle for Azeroth
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Surf the Internet securely and anonymously using industry level encryption algorithms
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Convert audios to various formats

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Take notes and set up reminders directly on your desktop screen
Latest on Mac
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Import, edit and share your photos

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Solution for ready-to-publish comics and manga

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Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet

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FL Studio enables you to produce, mix, record and produce HQ tracks
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Warnings you regarding outgoing network connections

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Eliminate unwanted files when removing apps

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