Super Mecha Champions is a multiplayer action game for Android where you’re facing off against up to 100 opponents until only one person is left alive, but there’s a slight twist.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Garena Free fire, Super Mecha Champions lets battle it out with fellow players online for supremacy. Epic games android like previous mentioned allows you to fight against up to 100 opponents at once.

Whiplash Fortnite, Pubg Roulette, Fortnite Roulette are terms very popular for people that play such kind of games.

Games similar to Pubg, like Super Mecha Champions are becoming quite popular, titles played by a certain number of players that have to fight until there’s only one left. Unleash your Mecha and get the crown you deserve!

To start playing this game is very simple and if you play before Pubg or Fornite you know how to start; choose a character and ride their mecha into battle. To survive you need to pick up as many weapons as you can, scattered all over the island.

Also, you can team up with your friends to have a better chance to win. The main difference in this multiplayer action game in regards to other similar titles consists of the possibility to take over controls of a posse of giant robots.

Snipers, plasma cannons, flamethrowers, homing missiles, .. collect a large number of ultra-cool weapons and defeat your enemy. Enjoy crazy firefights, thrilling combat, and cool weapons at your disposal anytime.

Super Mecha Champions comes with amazing graphics and manga-style cities inspired by Japanese anime comics. Gameplay in Super Mecha Champions is also similar to other battle royale titles like Pubg Mobile, Fornite, Garena Free Fire, etc..

Overall, Super Mecha Champions is an excellent battle royale multiplayer action game where you need to face 100 opponents until only one person is left alive.

Upcoming battle royale games will bring more features and action.

Download Super Mecha Champions apk and enjoy the battle!

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Android 4.3 and up
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