Talking Ginger 2 is the sequel application. This returns a fresh formula, the more fun for you. The application is available on Android for free.

Enchanted you’ll find the same kitten again, and waiting to play. Grow with him, always stay together, and most importantly, love your cat and take care of it every day.

You’re the only master’s, and he will love unconditionally. Be with him in the morning, feed him and wash him on teeth, then dress it in the nicest clothes and starts with him in games.

In this version you will find even more great games, you’ll love it. After all, plays should put your little kitten to sleep at noon.

Expect him to wake up and take it again. Be there for him when he needs the bathroom or wants to bathe. You will reward you with the most precious gift – boundless love.

Play will as much to get rewards. With these, you can buy chic clothing for your little one. You will have so much fun! Ginger patting him on the belly, help him wash Teeth and always be with him.

Buy him his favorite food and only pay attention to foods that hates them. Shoot the little kitten made videos or video and show them your friends lucky you are.

The game contains ads.

Get the new Talking Ginger 2 apk, available now on Softwsp!

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Android 4.1, 4.1.1 and up
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